Handicapped People Working in Office. Disabled Man Shaking Hand with Colleague at Workplace. Business Woman Sitting in Wheelchair Work at Laptop with Partner Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration, Line Art - 139232670
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S991 x 483 px • 72 dpi991 x 483 px13.76 x 6.71 inches
HIWEBscale to any size x scale to any size px • 300 dpiscale to any size x scale to any size pxscale to any size x scale to any size inches
M2932 x 1430 px • 300 dpi2932 x 1430 px9.77 x 4.77 inches
L6975 x 3402 px • 300 dpi6975 x 3402 px23.25 x 11.34 inches
XL10462 x 5103 px • 300 dpi10462 x 5103 px34.87 x 17.01 inches

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